DOOM, The game that has come a long way since it arrived to the screens of many eager gamers back in 1993. Not only is it somewhat of a controversial game due to the insane amount of violence, it is a game that does not forgive you for taking your time and will be sure to keep you on your toes the whole way through.

I started playing DOOM 4 on the January 19th 2017 and was quickly filled with the adrenaline and reflexes I needed to compare to such a game. The game quickly introduces you to the fundamental components you need to learn to ensure your safety in the game and a steady progression. After the first few minutes, you have a shotgun and a pistol, however, as you go through the game, that quickly changes to a more wider range of weapons such as a Plasma Rifle, Rocket Launcher, Light Machine Gun and others to keep you going, I wouldn’t want to spoil it, however, some could call them secrets…Just look hard enough and you will find them.

So, without ruining to much of the story, it is a great game, full of detail, monsters and plenty of blood and guts. Moreover, it has to be one of the best reboots for a game that has such history and such powerful game-play elements that still feels great to its original, without destroying what has already been built.

So, that’s my look on the 2016 DOOM, I hope you that have also played DOOM have had as much fun as I and it made you remember the old days of DOOM while keeping you on your toes in this new and improved DOOM game.

If you would like to see my current Play-through on the Mongscast Studios YouTube Channel, Click Here!

Written by – Thomas Hickinbottom – Owner of Mongscast Studios.


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