MAFIA 3, a game that isn’t afraid to touch to the times that suppressed many, while others rebelled.

After a good 6 years of waiting, we was rewarded with this beautiful masterpiece. Although, to admit, it did come with its fair amount of bugs and glitches, it was still a masterpiece on its own. The main elements for the game was a gripping story, emotional characters and the choice to play the mission your own way, to an extend.

Moreover, when Mafia 3 was launched in October 2016, many people where quick to jump to the gun of disappointment, some thought it was okay and some thought the game was a treasure. Sure, at one point I to kind of hated the continues crashes, bugs and issues regarding textures in the game, but that was swiftly sorted thanks to the developers.

From my perspective, Mafia 3, is everything we wanted and have received from the acclaimed Mafia series. The fact that the game has brought in a new story with Lincoln Clay, while retaining the original form of characters from Mafia 2 such as Vito Scalleta had shown that the developers has taken into consideration for the older fans that we didn’t want Vito to go without a fight. The story this time round heavily revolves around racism in the late 60’s and how it was portrayed between, the rich and poor family’s. There is even a mission involving the take-down of the notorious KKK from the 60’s and onward.

Despite the main theme fitting around  racism, the game will also play out different for other gamers as they must make some hard choices. The main character (Which I won’t spoil the main story) has to gather a family to take down the rival Mafia family of that state. You will have to take back each district from a town and then decide who you want to give it to. Just beware, each choice will impact others, and those who feel left out, might just turn their back on you.

Moving on, the theme of the game, although moving to the 1960’s, it still has a great feel for a Mafia game that was known for its 1940’s and 1950’s feel. The cars feel how they should for the time. The weapons feel and react how they should for the technology of that time from guns going as far back as World War 2 to as new as the 60’s.

So, to wrap it up, the game, despite the launch day bugs and issues, was a great success for a majority of gamers that enjoyed the Mafia franchise. Some still hate the game but hey, not everyone can be pleased.

If you would like to watch my adventures on this game on the Mongscast Studios YouTube Channel, Click Here!

Written by – Thomas Hickinbottom – Owner of Mongscast Studios.





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