It comes with great news that Mongscast Studios is now Associated with Facebook fan-page Extreme Xbox Gamers, known formally as EXG for short.

I Myself have been an admin for the page for 2 years now and must say that is has been a great ride getting to know the people I do, the skills I do and even seeing thousands of other people that also have the same passion as I do, Gaming.

EXG is a group that at the time of writing this blog, stands at an army of 33 thousand members and counting. Many posts are put in the group consisting of the huge selection of mouth watering games that will be sure to empty your bank account, make you stay up all night and even meet many new friends along the way. This page ensures you meet the right people, see the right posts and anything Xbox related. With this page also comes a great admin crew, including me, Thomas. We make sure anything unrelated is kicked out and only the best and pure comes into the group.

The community looks after each other and will also help with any issues you may have with any games, console issues or even if you are inquiring, the EXG admin team is always on standby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ready to take your inbox or pending post. The main head behind all of EXG’s beauty is no other than Admin and Owner of Extreme Xbox Gamers, Danny Kyle. He initially recruited me into the page when I approached on behalf of an Association with my YouTube channel, Mongscast Studios.

Moving on, now that Mongscast Studios is associated with the Extreme Xbox Gamers Facebook page, you can expect to see some frequent posts relating the page, some giveaways, cross-platform from the EXG Facebook page and the Mongscast Studios page.

Go check out the EXG (Extreme Xbox Gamers) Facebook Page – Click Here!

Written by – Thomas Hickinbottom – Owner of Mongscast Studios.



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