The game that displayed excellence & perfection the finest.

The game that provided me with hours of content but lack of sleep, the game that gave us a character we would learn to love over time, a game that was so in-depth, 2 hours would feel like 20 minutes. That is Assassins Creed II.


Over the years, many more titles have come out, many characters have been introduced but only one assassin stays in mind, Ezio! If you have played Assassins Creed II all the way up to Revelations, you would understand why Ezio was a favourite. So enough of the soppy talk, let’s get to the reason why I love it!

Assassins Creed II came out for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 way back on November 2009, for its time, it had pretty nice visuals, cut-scenes and amazing size for a game on that generation console. I myself have been a keen player on the Assassins Creed franchise, spending hours at a time in sittings trying to find the pieces of a puzzle or special armour. Before you know it, you have spent 4 hours just trying to get up a view-point and take the loot.

So what is special with Assassins Creed II and me? The simple answer is Ezio, the main character. Throughout the whole game you explore the early life of Ezio, you get to know his family and the secrets the slowly start to make sense for who you really are and what your family means to the Assassins Brotherhood. With a range of characters, side quests, contracts and missions, you will never find yourself bored or out of things to do, but rather trying to juggle the over-whelming amount of content that you are slowly ticking off your notepad to ensure you’re going to complete the game. Yes, that is exactly how I play my games…

So, Assassins Creed II for me, the best and the most solid game in the franchise. It had multiple things to do, many secrets and easter eggs, many places to discover and multiple options to do certain missions. What more could you ask for?


If you haven’t already, I’d recommend playing this beauty on the remastered Assassins Creed Ezio Collection. Worth every penny and every remastered pixel.

Written by – Thomas Hickinbottom – Owner of Mongscast Studios.


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