Battlefield 1, the game that set the shooting genre back on track.

If you haven’t played Battlefield 1 yet, where have you been? Like literally, where the hell have you been lately? It come out in like October 2016…

*Cough* Danny Kyle *cough*

So, just a little recap, when Battlefield 1 glazed our screens back in early 2016, it was an amazing day, seeing the natural fighting and simple layouts that would make any game balanced. There isn’t much to make the game unbalanced, mainly, it requires your skill and patience to master the performance of a gun, plane, tank or anything you can use to assault.

So, enough of the game details.

Since I have played the game from launch day, me and fellow YouTuber TwitchyMcGee have a little system in place. We call it BattleBro’s. This is when me and Twitchy (Brandon) like to squad up as an army of two and pretty much follow each other around the map. We do this because in reality, we are pretty crap at the game…not only that but to be honest, running around the huge maps of Battlefield 1 can be very boring and sometimes a laborious task when on your tod.

We also have a YouTube Series where we explore the maps in a rather idiotic squad form.

Battlefield 1 Thumbnail

Don’t get me wrong, the game looks beautiful, the weapons are rendered in such beauty that you briefly feel like you are watching a film and to accompany this, the sounds from the distant blast of tanks shells sound all so real for a simulated virtual world of the world war 1 era it is unreal. The game as a whole is a solid masterpiece with its already spoken textures that are beautifully created with the best of detail, planning and attention to detail that it really does make Call Of Duty’s smaller maps look poor. This is coming from someone who loves Call Of Duty.

So, why BattleBros? Well, I guess since me and Twitchy (Brandon) are so energetic, loud, and average at the game, we just thought of Mario Bros and decided to be the Battlefield version of this and came up with the amazing creation of BattleBros! So yeah, when you play Battlefield 1, make sure you play with a squad of just 2 of you so you’re the BattleBros, run around aimlessly while looking for easy kills and cover. Alternatively, you could go for a full-blown squad assault with 5 people and take over the town.

Either way, it is a great game and full of fun and danger around every turn, every flight in a plane is different from the last and every tank has its own unique feel depending on the map. So, what you waiting for, get in the game BattleBros!

Click here for MC Studios YouTube Channel!

Written by – Thomas Hickinbottom – Owner of Mongscast Studios.



2 thoughts on “Battlefield 1 – Super Battle Bros!

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