Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands!

Just a small little review here guys, more coming over time!

Being relatively new it’s had a lot of attention from Tom Clancy’s game fans; although it’s new it’s already had it’s fair share of positive and negative reviews. What’s surprising is the fact the game seems to have a mix of negative reviews and positive by general public. From the story line being clash to it being cliched and even plain stupid. Now on the other hand it’s been reviewed that Ghost Recon is one of the most successful Ubisoft’s games. It’s also been said, when you think you’ve done and you’re going through a loop it’ll throw something completely new at you and end up giving you a twist. It’s been said that because of the amazing open world it looks like it could be a real geographical location. That being said it’s found that the game produces amazing weather conditions. Just like in GTA V You’ll see the sunset reflecting perfectly and just gives a real beautiful touch to the whole game making it seem so much more realistic in terms of real life.

Ghost Recon Wild Lands Brandon
Latest Mongscast Studios Ghost Recon Wildlands video.

After speaking to Tom about his personal experience with the game he said…

“I find the game to have an in depth story line, the game gives you a lot to do and discover which really adds to the story. I feel it also has a vast open world to explore at your fingertips and take in that beautiful realistic weather and scenery. Although I do believe that the flying physics in the game feel very rushed, almost like the creators have very little knowledge of coding for flying physics or alternatively even rushed it to get it out and on the shelves. But I do believe that the game holds a good story line”

So with all that summarized, the game has a few flaws but definitely something to play if you’re a Tom Clancy and Ubisoft fan or just a general fan of shooters, open world  and even surprising gore when you get that amazing sniper shot from miles away using just a CQB ACOG scope.

So, despite a few minor issues regarding the games quality, overall it is a great game full of twists, turns and adventures round every corner just awaiting to be explored. Just make sure you have a good few hours spare before getting deep into the jungle.


Written by – Ash (Formally known as Queen Noodle) – Writer For Mongscast Studios.


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