Okay so being a GTA V player I have a lot of experience and opinions on the game. So GTA V provides one of the best open world experiences that allow you go near enough anywhere in the map and even some buildings from the get go. As you may already know or may not know GTA V has top-notch graphics, for the time it released, and it seems Rockstar has taken time to add so much detail from the beautiful scenery and even the tiny flecks of dust that you see once in a while if you’re standing still taking in that beautiful sunset and listening to the sweet sound of explosions and gunfire from other players brutally slaughtering each other.

Getting to the topic on hand, what brings me back to GTA V online is the fact you have so much you can do. You could make your own mini-game with just yourself or even with your group of friends. Some ideas could be how many shops can you rob with just using a flashlight or a hammer before you’re cruelly shot in the face by a police officer. Also if you’re feeling creative you have the ability to go in creator mode and make your own races, stunt races or death matches. If that’s not your thing you can go ahead and rate other people’s work and even try it out for yourself.

Credit: Rockstar Games

What also brings me back is the huge mixture of people you encounter on your adventure. If you’re an XBOX One player you know you are likely to encounter someone coming up and blowing up the drug supplies you’ve stolen off other people like myself, it would send you into rage mode. Or you could meet people who generally want to help you build up your meth lab or fraudulent documents office.

That brings me onto another reason for why GTA V seems to be very popular!

Once in a while you’ll get random little missions to complete or even competitions on how many other players you can shoot in the face. Not only that you always have an opportunity to set up your own business whether that be counterfeit money or hardcore drugs! Need to keep Trevor jacked up somehow. So you’ll have the responsibility to keep your business up and running by stealing supplies or spending out 60 odd thousand for supplies if you don’t want to go out and risk getting your hard “earned” supplied being blown up half way back getting them to  your location. But on the other hand you have the most frustrating element to the game which is purely the people who do not know when to quit with destroying your vehicle’s you’ve just  made super awesome with your hard-earned money from robbing other people and selling drugs. Also the shear fact they hunt you down and wait for that perfect moment your head goes directly  into the center of their cross-hair and BLAM! WASTED!

Credit: Rockstar Games

So on goes passive mode and then seconds later a message appears “U Pv$$Y” But truth be told you can’t always escape the xxBigxDaddyxSirxKillsxEveryonexx who just want to hunt everyone down and become the best slaughterer of all time with the level 928! But I’m sure we all have the devil on our shoulder when we come across the poor old soul who happens to be AFX (Away from Xbox)  without activating passive mode first; so we just kill them in every way that GTA V allows until they come back and surprise attack you. So GTA V to me has more pros than cons and there is a vast amount of stuff you can do on GTA V Online but meeting the good old story mode characters isn’t one of them sadly. There is only one time you have a good old chat with Trevor M.F Phillips and Lamar but that’s it they’ve fallen off the face of the earth. You’ll never see them just popping down the local shop for a 6 pack or a packet of cigarettes. But if you know what shops to go for you can dress your character in the same sort of outfit and try to replicate your favorite story mode character.

Credit: Rockstar Games

So that being said I believe Grand Theft Auto 5 Online will be kicking around for a good few years to come. Especially with the creator mode, all sorts of different missions, races, stunt races and the good one to one death match people click on instantly when you’ve just blasted them with a cannon you’ve fired them from the tank you stole from the military base.

So yeah, this is why I believe GTA V Online is still pumping and kicking like it always has done. As a result, i think that GTA V is a great game to start with if you’re new to gaming or love a relaxing shooting session on your own or with your best of friends.


Written by – Ash (Formally known as Queen Noodle) – Writer For Mongscast Studios.




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