virtual reality is just slowly become more and more popular from mid May 2016 it’s slowly grown to be a very neat entertainment system. From just plonking your phone in a head set and stepping into a whole new world to explore! virtual reality I believe is still in its youth in production and I believe there could be so many more ways it could be used or advanced; not just for gaming but maybe also a guide for learner drivers, pilots, captains you name it! or even other educational use.

Oculus Rift VR

Virtual reality is already used for so many different things, like gaming, movie clips, art, education maybe even work. But are we using virtual reality to its full potential? I think not. Yes we use it in a vast amount of stuff, including letting your poor old grandma Doris looking into the sweet innocent floral field to look around and see a gory zombie towering over her causing her to wee her pants a little as you laugh hysterically at her in total fear. But what if we could make it interactive just like the HTC Vive but maybe a lot more advance! Maybe grabbing other users into the world so you can interact with them just like they were there in person.
Maybe even in meetings that you need to be there with employees from around the world but don’t have the funds to fly out to other countries. Have a life-sized scale of the chart of your marketing or sales. Interact with it, drag parts around tap in some numbers. Or even use a pen on an interactive surface to write on notes. Just like you’re in the room with that person but able to create what ever your mind thinks up.

As someone who play’s the most famous online 3D chat room IMVU I can say with full enthusiasm that I’d love to have a VR as a fully functioning platform. Be able to interact like you were there with other people from around the world and look around into your own unique room; look down to see an outfit you created on you! So I believe in VR and what other things it can be used for. Just like the HTC Vive you can pick up the hand piece and crawl into an amazing world solo and explore to your heart’s content and create amazing art work too.

FluidCast VR

I’ve used VR myself and I can tell you with full honesty it was some what horrifying! Stood their feeling vulnerable and slightly uncomfortable. You never know what’s going to happen especially when it’s one of the VR is known to be scary or have a jump scare but don’t know where or when. But it’s exciting and always gives a great laugh, well people would laugh at you looking like a headless chicken jumping around with a rather funny looking box on your face or you’ll be laughing when you look to the left to see two dogs at it like rabbits.

But getting back to the topic, I don’t believe VR is at its full potential yet and still very new and could become something so much more than it already is. So no… Answering the good old question, “Are we there yet?” answer is … No, maybe a few more miles to go before it’s reached its full potential.


Written by – Ash (Formally known as Queen Noodle) – Writer For Mongscast Studios.




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