After years of exploring the vast open world of San Andreas, we can now put our minds together and create something of pure beauty.

After collaboration with the community from EXG (Extreme Xbox Gamers) we managed to piece together our ideas.

1. Vice City.

The one thing that everyone wants, craves and needs. Vice City. The one game that set a mark for the time it was set, the game that introduced property and development within its beautiful scenery. In the next installation of the GTA franchise, people want to see the return of Vice City.

Credit: Rockstar Games

Now the problem here is it could be good or bad. There are many factors to why. The scale of the map is smaller and therefore would be too small for large-scale development for a 32 player online adventure. The other problem is the timezone to which it is set in. The reason vice city was so big was because of the time it was set in. The 80’s…the years of the fuzzy hair, flashy cars with unique shapes, blasting music and more drugs than your local pharmacy. The only thing is, are people wanting the 80’s back…or do they want a present day Vice City? I myself wouldn’t mind either.

2. Property & Design.

Being able to buy a property is something we all love doing with that legal, not at all robbed, blood stained or counterfeit money. No not at all. We love the freedom to explore and make our own purchases. Yes I know many GTA games over the years have had this introduced such as GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas and GTA V.

Credit: Rockstar Games

Being able to expand in property is great but maybe the addition of being able to design your interior or customize it with your own unique look would make the story feel more personal and unique as it would be your own setup and choice rather than the default settings done by the developers. I know you can do this on GTA V Online already but only to a certain extent and not fully customizable and mix match like other games such as Saints Row have given over the years.

3. Drug Dealing Side Missions.

If you ever played the PSP and DS version of GTA which was GTA Chinatown Wars, you will be very familiar with how this works. The main objective is very simple, buy drugs at low prices, then sell high…just like in real life scenarios (Of course I wouldn’t know personally as the only drugs i take are insulin and that is to control my diabetes) so with that being said, it is a simple concept to grasp and very quick. In GTA Chinatown wars, you would have high value drugs and low value drugs…all changing every time the price of stocks went up and down…kind of like the stock exchange but more illegal and should only be done on the video game rather than real life…we don’t need no more Pablo Escobar repeats.

Credit: Rockstar Games

Moving on swiftly, the addition of adding Drug Dealing to the next GTA game would add such more creative ways to earn money, sell products and understand the financial ways of the game…whether this be online or on single player, as long as the risk is in the game, it would be fun to do and completely worth the in-game risk.


CJ…ever been on the wrong side of the tracks? Well then, enough said.

Credit: Rockstar Games

5. Real Jobs.

Instead of constantly having to earn your money “The Wrong Way” it would be nice to have Rockstar think of making the game somewhat realistic and adding a system of legitimacy to the game. How would they add this? Well, for example, you have just robbed a bank, your on high alert and look out for police and need to lay low….why not do this and keep income in by doing odd jobs such as truck delivery missions like in San Andreas, Uber style missions in your own personal car, Pizza delivery or even the return of the vigilante mode in the police cars. All these side quests that old GTA games had, has slowly been taken away and replaced by other things that just don’t give the same feeling to the game…just doesn’t reward us the same way. Either way, the GTA games are always jam-packed and full to the brim with opportunity and chance to do anything you want…it just depends what exactly you want to do and how unique you want to be while doing it.

Credit: Rockstar Games

So, there you have it, thanks to the awesome community over at the EXG (Extreme Xbox Gamers) Facebook page, we have managed to piece together just a little something to show what we want in the next installment in the GTA universe. Expect plenty more coming over the next few weeks in regards to GTA 6 and GTA V.

Check out the EXG Facebook page!

Written by – Thomas Hickinbottom – Owner of Mongscast Studios.


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