A few days ago, the world was delivered the news of the upcoming DLC for TITANFALL 2 which has been titled Colony Reborn.

Now before we go into the details, let us take a moment to thank Respawn for not only developing a great game, but for releasing DLC without charge and free to all players.

So, what’s in store for us this time?

In this DLC drop, we will be getting the following.

  • New Map – Colony
  • New Weapon – R101
  • New Execution – Curb Check
  • Prime Titans
  • Cosmetics including Camo Packs, Titan Art and Callsign Pack

The colony map should be very familiar to those of TITANFALL players as it is a set on the original map that contains the same dense feel and high points as the previous map. It has many tight corners, dense interior and many shortcuts that could lead to a victory or a loss…Just make sure you know the way around as it can get confusing.

Credit: Respawn Entertainment

The R-101 also comes equipped with a handy ACOG scope for those mid range kills that require precise movement and core concentration.

Credit: Respawn Entertainment

The Curb check execution will stun your enemies from behind and send then flying as you retract them back with your grapple hook for an ultimate smack down combo!


The rest of the content consists of a healthy amount of cosmetic paid content that mostly covers as camos, art, banners and call signs.

So, who’s ready to get playing on this new content? I can surely tell you i am!

The DLC – Colony Reborn drops onto the frontier on 30th March 2017.

See you all on the frontier pilots!

Written by – Thomas Hickinbottom – Owner of Mongscast Studios.


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