Every year we get a first person shooter that is to define the standards of current shooters. As of lately it hasn’t been going in the direction that fans want.

Call of Duty, a shooter and game that near enough every gamer ever has heard of, played on or even despised over the years. It’s one of those games that’s like a food your unfamiliar with or have to be in the mood to play. Some people love it some people don’t.

I myself have a love for the game, somewhat of a guilty pleasure. I will admit before going any further that since it has developed into the future, I have felt somewhat of a withdrawal from its main components in multiplayer but however still have a love and passion for the single player campaign, which in my opinion gets better and better.

So, to the original topic, is Call Of Duty going back to its roots?

Depending on what you mean by roots…Every generation of gamer has started playing the Call Of Duty games at a different stage. For example, some may have started at COD World At War, COD Modern Warfare or even war back at the days of Call Of Duty 1 back in 2003. So when you say the roots of Call Of Duty, it can be all over the place.

Credit: Activision

For me and most the others, our start for playing Call Of Duty was on the good old Modern Warfare days. The days when the single player was at its finest and the multiplayer was the biggest and best for gaming at the time. An online multiplayer that consisted of such customisable options in your classes, many perks and many levels of prestige to keep you going for hours, days, months and even years, providing that you don’t mind quick repetition and doing the same challenge and objective on the same map day in and day out. That is how the fan base starts dying… Repetition, same contents and nothing major in terms of updates to keep it fresh.

Credit: Activision

So, where did the roots start with me? originally it started on the Modern Warfare franchise playing on my friends Xbox 360 as I wasn’t online then, still a lone wolf player. Then i got Xbox live and Black Ops all together and only then did i realise how much more was on the game than just the single player.

The amount of hours I sunk into the multiplayer are easy enough to show my addiction was very high. However so was my campaign play time. The time of the 60s in Black Ops 1 kept it simple, kept it clean and in to its story. Also the addition of JFK was pretty cool, being able to see a character based on real life inside a fictional game was just as cool as you would think it was.

Credit: Activision

So, what kept me going?

I guess it was the clean, simple and fun layouts of the maps that kept me coming back. Nothing could compare to an all-nighter on Black Ops while playing Nuketown 24/7 or firing range constantly camping in the hut or the houses…Admit it, we’ve all done it!

And here we are, like the bus on Black Ops 2 zombies, i am at my stop and i must get off now…I need to play some Black Ops since I’ve been chatting about it too much.

Written by – Thomas Hickinbottom – Owner of Mongscast Studios.


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