So, i will be covering the main 3 aspects to Sniper Elite 4 that make he game 10x better for me than the previous titles.

Sniper Elite 4, the next and actually really fun installment to the Sniper Elite Series. The question is, is it really different and new from the previous Sniper Elite games?

Straight off the bat, yes. I will be basing this review on my own personal opinions so any views you have may vary, I respect that.

So, on to the subject at hand!

So, I’ve been a fan of Sniper Elite since the very beginning…Back when it was more simple and all that was the main focus was getting then slow motion cam shots and possibly the odd testicle shot that would make your face turn as quickly as the bullet as it passed through the gentlemen’s fruit. This time round, I have a few factors I am going to share that make this game the best Sniper Elite to come out.

#1 – The Graphics.

Although all Sniper Elite titles have had great graphics and imagery for its time, especially spreading from many consoles, this edition to the series has really upped the scale on how it portrays the story with the visuals. The first thing i personally was the screan tearing had significantly lowered compared to Sniper Elite 3. That game was like trying to play it on 2 monitors that constantly flickered….not the best way to play. However, in all seriousness, the Graphics really made me feel more at home with this game. It made me feel more alert, alive and ready to explore its large open areas to take on the task at hand.

Credit: Rebellion

While talking about the open world, let us take it to the next question.

#2 – The Open World Mission Structure

The fact that you are given a large scale to pick from at the get go, you also have the choice to take on the mission how you want to as soon as it starts. Yes, this was also present in Sniper Elite 3, however, to get to the main objective, there was ultimately one way of doing this. In Sniper Elite 4 however, there is so many ways to complete a task. You will always have side objectives, multiple ways, multiple weapons, traps and many other ways to take down your enemy and gain an advantage over them.

Credit: Rebellion

#3 – More Intense Slow-Mo Cams

The signature piece that fits the Sniper Elite puzzle. The one thing we all try to do every single time we aim down the scope of the sniper rifle. Shoot an unsuspecting Soldier in the balls. So i ain’t the only one? That’s alright then.

So, when it comes to taking the shot, you gotta get the best line up, best area to cover and make sure your at a good distance too. Nothing worse than getting a rather satisfying shot and then it only last a fraction of a second…you want that bullet to travel, warm up and then enter the unsuspecting soldiers foot, head, stomach, arm or, testicals. Admit it, we’ve all shot someone in the balls.

Credit: Rebellion

On the game that is.

So, taking down an entire army is great and all however, doing it in slow motion, taking on an entire empire with a silenced sniper while taking on the entire world is something of pure magic, satisfaction and certification that you are the true Sniper Elite!

How do you guys n gals feel about Sniper Elite 4? Was it the masterpiece you was expecting…or did it flop harder than the testicals of the soldier you shot?

Let me know below!

Written by – Thomas Hickinbottom – Owner of Mongscast Studios.


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