Now, Although YouTube has been the primary platform for the Mongscast Studios channel (Which you can see by clicking here) it was time that Mongscast Studios branched out to a more raw, dominant and uncut version of media production. Twitch.TV.

*This is a re-upload from a previous article* 

So, Twitch.TV is full of many characters. Many of the users use the website on a daily basis for fun, others for great causes and others to ensure they survive on the ad revenue and donations from fans. Since Mongscast Studios is a developing YouTube channel, it was decided that Mongscast Studios would branch out to a more consistent online presence as well as YouTube by doing regular live streams on Twitch.

So, what will MC Studios bring to the table?

MC Studios will be sure to bring the most raw and uncut laughs that you will find on Twitch, with many of star guests joining in on the journey through Twitch and YouTube combined. Many of games will be played ranging from popular FPS shooters COD and Battlefield, to something more relaxed and funny such as GTA V, Ghost Recon: Wildlands and Sniper Elite 4. Many of games will be featured on the Twitch Channel, so keep an eye out for something you will enjoy!

Who will be starring in the Streams?

MC Studios will consist of a tier system for the streams…

  • Solo.

  • Primary Cast Members.

  • Special Cast Members.

  • Guest Cast Members.

Solo – This would be in the likes of Thomas (Tom) Owner and main admin of everything Mongscast Studios.

Primary Cast Members – This would be the likes of co-creators and close friends of MC Studios, Kieran (Mr Dew) Brandon (TwitchyMcGee) Sam and Ash. They appear on a majority of MC Studios online YouTube videos.

Special Guest Members – This would be anyone who is not a regular visitor to the stream, not a original cast of MC Studios or someone through collaboration.

Guest Cast Members – This would be someone who has been invited to the stream to star guests and possibly be back for future streams, dependant on demands.

Why is MC Studios on Twitch?

To be honest, the main goal is to provide the people of the internet around the world with content that is a mix of all things good and fun! MC Studios doesn’t want to upset, offend nor cause any issues. As we make people laugh and hit are targets, we too aspire to grow as a channel, a group and most importantly a community. We want to be a community that can be full of fun and laughs without the restrictions and limits that others may condone to.

Where can you find us?

You can find MC Studios on YouTube by clicking (Here!) or you can too visit Mongscast Studios on Twitch.TV by clicking (Here!) If you wish to keep up with MC Studios on this blog page, make sure to follow so you see every exciting piece of information released from Mongscast Studios directly on this page!

Other social media pages are found on the main blog home page such as the MC Studios Twitter and Instagram.

Thanks for your continued support and we hope to hear some great reviews from you folks soon. See you online!

Written by – Thomas Hickinbottom – Owner of Mongscast Studios.


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