Hello again! So, Grand Theft Auto is known for is expensive vehicles, jets, boats and bikes! So you could be doing mission after mission after mission. Sat there for hours on end going into rage mode as once again you’ve been shot in the face by a police officer calling you all the names under the sun as you try to steal drugs from right under their nose. So naturally you’d get rather annoyed either repeating missions or even running out of high paying ones. That’s when GTA V opens its loving arms whispering “Buy my shark cards …” So there you go. You can either carry on doing missions and getting the currency free and power through the repeated missions.

(If you’re like me you’ll start giving the characters their own voices and then shout “GOTCHA BI**H!” when you snipe that very last officer … Poor guy he’s never seeing is family again…)

Alternatively you could pick up your phone, look at your banking account app and think you could spare a few pounds (Or which ever currency you use) and go ahead and buy the ‘Best seller’ or just the tiny ‘100,000’. Now depending on how much you decide to get you can always use that wisely. “How!?” Well, I’ll tell ya’… You can go ahead and think about purchasing a business and keep that up and running.

Credit: Rockstar Games

I’ve touched on that in my last GTA V article I wrote so if you want to know more about that, then go ahead and have a good read, click here!

If keeping a business isn’t your thing then you can always sport out your car, give it an awesome new spray job, a new horn, tinted windows and awesome new looking wheels. Making your super car looking the best car in the lobby! Make them level 22’s jealous. If you’re worried about the jealous butts shooting your car then it’s defiantly worth splashing out on upgrading your car’s armor and giving your car bullet proof tires (Also good if you’re being chased by the police). Make it near enough indestructible until the level 800 comes along with a tank or jet…In which case, no amount of armor can save you… Sorry bro.

You could also go ahead and buy a new awesome apartment, fill the garage with your cars and bikes. A place to hide out when you have a 9,000 bounty on your head. Or if in the mood bring back that Becky you picked up at the strip club to give you a little show. Even watch an episode of Impotent rage. But if you’re new to the game, then I suggest the first things you buy is a sweet new ride, a hot apartment and some awesome new weapons. Which brings me to my next little point. Weapons!

Credit: Rockstar Games

Right…Guns, bombs, hammers, and even gasoline… You will need a lot of weapons to help protect yourself from the sniper player hiding on top of the building. You could spot them and quickly shoot them in the torso 40 times until they eventually die or throw a neat little sticky bomb. So saving up your money, brought or not, it’s defiantly worth saving a decent amount to splash out on the Combat MG, Shotgun, Sniper Rifle, Homing launcher and other little goodies … Expensive little goodies, Ranging from around $100 to $65,000 so saving up is very much-needed when it comes to weapons and the ammo to go with it. Which as you guessed it is also costing a huge wedge of your hard-earned money. If you can’t afford the shark cards then you could always ask someone with a little bit of a “Plleeeaassseeeee!” and flutter them eyelashes and they may just be unable to resist your charm and dish out £20 for a shark card. Or even still you could ask for one for your birthday or Christmas or any other holiday you celebrate. Then just become GTA V Online rich and blow it on all on the best of cars, a business which keeps on giving, or that sweet new home.

Credit: Rockstar Games

It’s always worth keeping at least 100k in your bank for the “M.M.I expecting the unexpected”call or the “You’re in trouble and I guess you need my help…” call from poor old Lester who magically makes the police forget why they’re chasing you and go back to eating donuts. So in conclusion it’s always best to save, go for the necessities first, Guns or melee weapons, Sweet new wheels, and a bunch of ammo. Maybe also a few parachutes and handy Heavy Body Armor to get you off and ready, (Never know what goings to happen) Then even buy a business selling meth around the map to keep you busy and running around in the game.

So, there you have it, that’s my way of making and spending money on GTA V Online, a little different but hey ho, we all have our spending habits I guess.

Written by – Ash (Formally known as Queen Noodle) – Writer For Mongscast Studios.


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